Satisfaction is Guaranteed OR Money Back!

What makes ATS different from other Tenant Screening Companies and why make a bold statement like Money Back?

  • No hidden Fees and sample reports are provided for your preview.
  • No membership fees, no sign up or annual fees.
  • No additional charges for Add On features like SSN validation, OFAC check, FICO score, liens, collections, bankruptcies etc. ATS includes all of this for one low price; it comes with the tenant credit report! Other companies? EXTRA!
  • ATS is Fast, efficient and available 24/7/365
  • ATS has Forms that make an impact statement and advise prospective tenants of consequences for late rent payments, non rent payments, and damaged rental property. It can reduces risk of income loss. This form is FREE!
  • ATS records and reports good and bad tenant pay habits. By reporting your tenant's pay habits on the 3rd day of each month and advising tenant of same, chances are that you will collect your rent on time. This is FREE!
  • You can benefit tenants who have good pay habits by issuing a Certificate of Satisfactory Tenancy at the end of the lease period. An incentive for Tenants top pay on time!
  • Our Customer Service Reps are available to assist you with a problem, how many other tenant screening companies have someone you can actually talk to? Advantage!
  • ATS has a full time IT Department, so if something goes wrong they are on it immediately. Little or no down time. Tenant credit checks can be obtained instantaneously all the time!
  • ATS is one of the few tenant screening companies that do not require you to have a site inspection. Get tenant credit reports/searches almost immediately.
  • ATS has the BEST tenant credit check report for non-site inspected landlords/property manager/realtors that provides you with
    1. an applicant verification report
    2. a summary/decision report for tenant credit check
    3. a recommendation with Tips & Advice
    This combined information is all inclusive for $16.95. No other tenant screening company offers this.
  • ATS provides you with a Start Guide to help organize your tenant screening process that will keep you from being seen as discriminatory. It will reduce your risk of income loss!
  • ATS is one of the leading tenant screening companies in the Industry.

Why should you try ATS? Satisfaction is guaranteed OR money back!

"ATS Tenant Credit Checks are Different!"