Credit Report - Fraud Prevention Tool

ATS Credit Decision Report

A Tenant Credit Check with ATS CDR helps to determine:

  • The credit worthiness of your Prospective Tenant.
  • The truthfulness of your Prospective Tenant by comparing the information from the rental application to information on ATS CDR. Does information match?

Where there is No Grade Available=a red flag; Click Here for the reasons why!


A Tenant Check with an ATS Credit Decision Report is a compilation of information from Experian and Lexis Nexis. The information contained in this report lists all previous addresses which the full credit report does not.
This tenant check will verify name, DOB, current address, previous addresses and SSN, it will rate the prospective tenant's credit, it will list all public records where they are listed on the credit report and it will keep you compliant with the Patriot Act by searching the OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL list (terrorist list).


The ATS CDR gives you a recommendation which the full Credit Report does not. If you want the bottom line, i.e. good credit history, bad credit history, then the ATS CDR is the way to go. There is no site inspection required for this report.


The Tenant Credit report saves you time, money and guess work. It is a fraud prevention tool that also reduces risk of income loss.