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Click to browse a TransUnion Short Report sample

Click to browse a TransUnion Short Report sample

TransUnion Short Report

The Short Report as noted in various comments throughout the website, does not require an annual Site Inspection.

This report does not display the Trade Lines as the Full Report does, so you don't know with which Credit Grantor the Applicant has an account. Is this essential information to determine credit worthiness? NO! The score is a good indicator as to good pay habits or bad pay habits.

There is an addendum to the Short Report that includes Public Records if any are reported, so if the Applicant has a really bad track record for missing payments, there are likely to be Public Records which include collections, liens, bankruptcies and legal items. Many property management companies will turn their rent owed over to a collection agency and they in turn will report that to the Credit Bureaus.

The Short Report is easy to read and understand whereas the Full Report can be confusing if not well versed in using it.

Is the Short Report the B all and the End all to a tenant background check? NO! Enquire with at least the current landlord to determine if:

  • Rent paid on time
  • Any monies owing
  • Complaints from other tenants
  • Why leaving
  • Would you rent to this applicant again?

Applicant should have a bank account, be gainfully employed and be able to produce a pay stub or a W-2 that shows income and ability to pay rent. Rule of thumb is that rent should not be more than 30% of net income, however there may be other deciding factors that you should take into consideration. Do what is reasonable.

The Applicant whom you accept should read the Notice to Tenant which can be obtained from the ATS website. And thru ATS you can report monthly the tenant's Rent Payments to This will help to minimize risk of rental income loss and late rent pay. This is a NO COST service as a ATS member.

Do: Compare information on rental application to information on Short Report. Does it match? EG Name, address, DOB and SSN.

Don't: Believe the information on a rental application. Verify it! You only get one chance at getting it right. This is your business, if you want it to be profitable then conduct a thorough tenant screening.

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