Tenant Screening for Tenants

There are some landlords and some property managers who collect a tenant screening fee but never order a tenant credit report. Your application is denied and often no reason given. Likely because there were other applicants and they picked one...not you.


How does a tenant prevent this from happening? ATS Connect has a process where tenants order their own consumer credit report from Experian Credit Bureau and after reviewing it, forwards it to the landlord or property manager. This cuts out...collect the screening fee but don't screen. How does this save me money? Two Ways:


  • The ATS fee is likely less than the landlord's fee to start with.


  • Prospective tenants can re-order the consumer credit report at a 50% discount if done within 30 days. The criminal and eviction report can be used for 30 days at no additional cost. This is a considerable savings for tenants who complete several rental applications in same month.


What you likely didn't know. When a landlord or property manager orders your consumer credit report, 3 points are deducted from your score. This is known as a hard inquiry. Now...when you order your own consumer credit report that is a soft inquiry. NO POINTS deducted.


What does this mean for a tenant? Tenants can submit more than one rental application within the same period and not have to pay a $35-$50.00 screening fee each time, and not have points deducted from their score for a hard inquiry.


What is the other benefit of ordering your own consumer credit report? Have you ever seen a copy of your credit report? Probably not, and if you have you are the minority.



One of the most important things that any Consumer can do...is to ensure a good credit score. Should be 600 and higher. Some Consumers need to work on this.


What do I do if I don't have a good credit score? Read more...


Tenants and landlords need to respect each other, and that starts at the rental application process. How?


  • Show up prepared, and have your portfolio ready as described under Enhance your Rent Application.

  • Show up cleanly dressed.

  • Make eye contact, have a firm handshake, be polite.

  • Complete rental application in its entirety and ensure that it is legible.

  • Act like a professional and you are likely to be treated like a professional.

  • Ask intelligent questions with respect to the building and the Manager. i.e.

    • Do you screen all your tenants?

    • How often is the building safety inspected?

    • Does it have sprinklers in case of fires?

    • How often have the police been called in the last year due to car or apartment break-ins?


How the landlord answers or reacts to these questions may determine how he will treat you as a tenant. Then you decide whether you want to rent, not vice versa.


There should be a Check-In process where you and the landlord or property manager inspect the rental unit together with a check list. This is for his/her protection and for yours. Why? To make note of any previous damage, to ensure that everything is working properly, to ensure that everything has been cleaned to reasonable standards.


Tenants have Rights! Landlords have Rights! And each has Responsibilities! Renting is quite easy and quite enjoyable when tenants and landlords know their Rights and Responsibilities. Tenantsinfo.com as noted above is a source of education for tenants and landlords. Google is a great assist, don't know it? Google it.



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