Landlords and the Fraud Rental Game

ATS is an effective tenant screening service that will help you prevent fraud and reduce income loss.

With ATS, the applicant is required to order his/her own consumer credit report from Experian. The applicant must correctly answer out of wallet questions in order to obtain that consumer report.


Fraudsters often provide false information that includes wrong date of birth and misspelling of last name. That can no longer happen.


Fraudsters will not be able to provide you with a consumer credit report and you will want to question why no consumer report...
There are only a few valid reasons:


  1. Young and has not established a credit history.
  2. New to the country and has not yet established a credit history.
  3. Not credit worthy, no credit grantor will extend credit. i.e. Self-employed with minimal income can be a reason for credit grantors not extending credit. Ask to see a W-9 (USA) or a T-4 (CDN)
  4. Hasn't applied for or received credit in a very long time owing to previous bad pay habits, excessive debt, not enough income etc.


As a landlord or property manager you need to identify what the reason is for not having a consumer credit report. Investigate and determine why no credit history. Ask questions.


Does not having a credit history mean that the prospective tenant is a high risk or not tenant worthy? No! What it means is that you have to conduct ALL of your due diligence to determine tenant worthiness. E.G.:


  • Contact current and previous landlord to determine if rent paid on time and if a good tenant.
  • Contact Employer to determine employment status. How long in employ? Steady Job?
  • Obtain pay stub to determine income status
  • Obtain current bank statement showing current paycheck deposits and perhaps NSF charges. For privacy reasons Applicant may black out balances etc. but it is important that you determine if Applicant is a responsible Individual who will make rent payments on time.


If you do not conduct this kind of tenant screening, then you are increasing your risk of rental income loss owing to a tenant who uses landlords as a revolving line of credit.


Renting is a business, Property Managers have criteria that applicants must meet, some of which is noted above. Most landlords who have been in the rental business for a long time have criteria and they don't waver from it.


  • They act like professionals by having the same criteria for all applicants.
  • They know the applicable tenancy laws and adhere to them
  • They do what is necessary to prevent income loss, tenant hassles etc. etc. by having an effective tenant background check in place.


ATS is a Tenant Screening Service that allows its members to report pay habits of high & low risk tenants. ATS Members have the ability to add names and late payments to the ATS database.


Tenant credit checks, tenant background checks are part and parcel of an effective tenant screening service.


ATS will help minimize your risk of fraud and rental income loss!